2012 Newsletter



2012 was alright.
The Mulberry Gallows Project returned.
The Gutterpunch Confessional hummed along.
It was fun drawing cats and writing about crying.

Here's a drawing of a Canadian guy I like.

I made some employment changes for 2013.
I started a web company with a friend of mine.
He likes to play guitar/design and I like to make comics/code.
Ironically, this should allow us more time to pursue important creative endeavours.
Comics are important.
I think rhyming about asses is pretty important.

Here's a drawing of Carl barfing:

2013 Schedule:
Mulberry Gallows: M-W-F
Gutterpunch: T-Th
Alternative plan: if I can't update The Mulberry Gallows Project, I'll update The Gutterpunch Confessional.
The goal is comics five comics a week in 2013.

But all this planning and projected braggadocio is silly.
I want to put my money where my mouth is.
I hope I can make 250 comics for you in 2013.
I think I can do this.
Sometimes people die, bodies stop working, hearts get broken or brains become your enemy.
Those are some things that can slow me down.
Those thing can slow you down, too.
But I'm gonna do my best to not let those things happen.
And I hope those things don't happen to you either.

Thank you for a seriously brilliant year.
Thank you for reading.

Let's have some more fun in 2013.

All the best,
Postscript: fan favourites from 2012!

Here are the five fan favourite Gutterpunch comics from 2012
The Saddest Giraffe
Why Coffee Why
The Choice is Yours
Types of Farts (Double Encore)
The Worst Mermaid in… Hold On!

Here are the three fan favourite Mulberry Gallows comics from 2012
Another Day Without Love
Where Does Carl Work
Carl and the Mound