2013 Newsletter


2013 was a tricky year.

In January, I updated five days a week.
In February, four.
March, three.
Then I updated twice a week for a while.

Sometimes things don't go how you plan them.
This is called reality.
I've never been a big fan of reality.

In September, I launched another strip called Welcome to the Dregs.
So far, it appears to be about dicks.

Since September, I've updated three different strips every week.
Three updates a week feels right.
That's the goal for 2014: 150 comics.

I think I can do 150 comics next year, because I managed to do 151 strips this year.
Maybe I did alright after all.

Flip books and basslines.
I want play with those too.
That might be something new.

I'll see ya next year, if you'll see me.
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